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Have you thought about joining Blue Sky?

At Blue Sky we value your independence.

 The blue sky brand is growing accross Australia  and we invite you to join the strong independent retailers that blue sky represents.

We work with major brands in the camping, fishing and outdoor industry to benefit blue sky members who are also supported with a full promotionals calendar as well as a range of other services that offer both time and money savings.

For more information, click here to see further details on what joining blue sky can mean for you.

For a confidential conversation, please contact blue sky Business Manager David Woods at (03) 9888 5766 or

See below to see what our members say about blue sky


blue sky members Maurice


Maurice Mclean, Business Owner, blue sky Echuca

My involvement with blue sky has allowed me to focus on my own business while at the same time get the benefits of being apart of a strong brand. I can run my business - my way!



blue sky members Luke


Luke Kelly, Business Owner, blue sky Swan Hill

Since coming on board with the blue sky team, I have seen real improvements with how my business runs. Better margins, trading terms and marketing program that lifts sales througout the keyretail periods of the year. My accounts are streamlined through a centralised billing system and I am not told how to run my business.


blue sky members Paul


Paul Maskell, Business Owner, blue sky Myrtleford

I can participate in a great catalogue program that drives customers to my store and network with like-minded retailers in the industry. My margins have improved and I benefit from great deals and trading terms.